Writing blog posts regularly is difficult. They feel like a chore. I have an expectation that they should be a well-rounded piece of text (although you can see mine haven’t really been). They don’t link ideas together effectively.

Instead, I’m embarking on growing a digital garden. Check it out at arbor.jmbhughes.com I hope to write regularly and document all kinds of things. Maybe I’ll sometimes convert them into longer form articles that will end up in this section of the website again; I’m not sure.

I am going to use Obsidian Publish for now. I’ve been using Obsidian for note-taking and journaling for a while. I love it.

  • I love the ease of linking notes.
  • I love the security in knowing my data will always be accessible as Markdown files; I’m not beholden to some cloud service.
  • I love the ease of it.

Enough said. Go check out the Arbor.